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Nā Pua Aliʻi o Kauaʻi: Ruling Chiefs of Kauaʻi

Frederick B. Wichman

Softcover, 136 pp.

Na Pua Aliʻi o Kauaʻi presents the stories of the men and women who ruled the island of Kauaʻi from its first settlement to the final rebellion against Kamehameha I’s forces in 1824. Only fragments remain of the nearly two-thousand-year history of the people who inhabited Kauaʻi before the coming of James Cook in 1778.

Now scattered in public and private archives and libraries, these pieces of Hawai’i’s pre-contact past were recorded in the nineteenth century by such determined individuals as David Malo, Samuel Kamakau, and Abraham Fornander. All known genealogical references to the Kauaʻi aliʻi nui (paramount chiefs) have been gathered here and placed in chronological order and are interspersed with legends of great voyages, bitter wars, courageous heroes, and passionate romances that together form a rich and invaluable resource.

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