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Native Books Imprints


Paʻi Hou

PAʻI HOU formerly known as SHORT STACK is a humble offering from Native Books. Our goal is to create community access by reprinting out-of-print and rare publications. When Native Books began in 1990 at HCDC in Hilo, our original mission was to put “good books in good hands”. PAʻI HOU continues this effort by printing and sharing those “good books.” 

Kaiao Press

Kaiao Press, an imprint of Native Books, specializes in books about visual arts and culture in Hawai‘i nei, with a particular focus on deepening and widening an understanding of and compassion for the history and contemporary experiences of Kānaka Maoli and nā po‘e Hawai‘i.

Mikiʻai Series

Mikiʻai, translated from Hawaiian to English, means a small finger of poi. A metaphor, inspiring a Native Books publication series that offers a little taste of Hawaiian culture, history, and practices. As a small finger of poi gives us a taste of 'ono and nourishment, we hope the Mikiʻai series offers your mind and spirit a sense of curiosity and interest in learning more. Learn more about history, people and culture connected to this 'āina, Hawai'i.

Nourished as a collective, our goal as kānaka is to create an ʻumeke filled with knowledge, insights and inspiring publications. Each one a taste of the whole --the abundance of our land, people, language, and culture. E ola mau ka Lāhui Hawaiʻi! May the Hawaiian Nation thrive and live on forever!"

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