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Haoles in Hawaiʻi

Judy Rohrer

Softcover, 124 pp.

Judy Rohrer has written an extraordinary and long-needed examination of the historical and contemporary places of haoles in Hawai’i. This study goes far beyond the typical ways that haoles are talked about: as wrong-headed and evil colonizers, dumb malihini who dont know how to act, or, more recently, victims of reverse discrimination. Her lucid and witty prose as well as her mastery of our homelands brand of English will make readers laugh as well as think. Rohrer writes that the aim of this long overdue study is to begin to imagine how people might become haole in different and better ways. Haoles will gain a better understanding of why they sometimes get stink-eye, and everyone else will gain a greater understanding of the workings of power in Hawai’i nei. Everyone in Hawai’i should read this book! - Noenoe Silva, University of Hawaiʻi

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