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Akua Hawaiʻi: Hawaiian Gods and Their Stories

Written by Kimo Armitage

Illustrated by Solomon Enos

Hardcover, 72pp.

Hawaiian gods possess wondrous abilities, with humble mortals invoking their names to call upon their superhuman powers for help and guidance. Many of the gods have multiple forms and are able to dwell in any of the different regions that combine to form the Hawaiian archipelago. Their moʻolelo are branded upon the sacred places where they accomplished their glorious feats.

They are the phenomenal spectacles of the natural environment—fresh water, thunder, clouds, and volcanic eruptions. In the days of old, to earn their favor was to be victorious in battle or successful in harvest. To incur their wrath meant severe hardship. Wonderfully illustrated and written, Akua Hawaiʻi offers simple stories of creation, duty, love, and hope that provide not only a better understanding of the gods, but also demonstrate important lessons about life that still remain today.


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