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Wordsworth, It's In Your Pocket!

Frances H. Kakugawa

Hardcover, 38 pp.

Wordsworth has hardly seen his friends all summer. They have been too caught up in their electronic devices to pay attention to anything around them, and now they are tangled in wires and gadgets! A mysterious old mouse tells him that the secret to saving his friends is in his pocket—what does he have that can help? Emphasizing creative play, imagination, and the fun of the outdoors over the allure of video games, computers and cellular phones, this new Wordsworth adventure is a gentle reminder for families that it’s important for young minds to unplug and enjoy real-world friends and activities. Wordsworth, It’s In Your Pocket is the fourth book in the award-winning series of book featuring the poetry-loving mouse. Previous Wordsworth titles have received top honors from the Hawaii Book Publishers Association and Northern California Publishers Association, as well as a Silver Award from the Momʻs Choice Awards for Wordsworth Dances the Waltz, which introduces families to Wordsworth’s grandmother who is just beginning to show the first signs of Alzheimer’s disease.

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