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Why Smart Parents Do the Same Dumb Things

A School for Perfect Parents?

There’s no such thing, of course. But in Why Smart Parents Do the Same Dumb Things, Dr. Rosalie K. Tatsuguchi provides some invaluable lessons in improving your parenting skills. The third volume in the acclaimed psychologist’s “Smart People…Dumb Things” series, this user-friendly guide provides fresh new ideas for bringing kids up right. Naturally, you want to raise competent, compassionate children—capable of facing life’s problems and the challenges of interpersonal relationships in a fast-changing world. But it’s tough to teach these skills without having them yourself. In Why Smart Parents… you’ll discover that competence, adaptability and a willingness to learn are far more effective than living by any preconceived “parenting rules.” Among the book’s key lessons:

  • Be a teacher, not an enabler.
  • Making mistakes isn’t a crime—it’s a part of learning life skills.
  • Perfection is not a goal.
  • Dealing with big lies and bullying.
  • What is your child thinking?

Dr. Tatsuguchi’s unique approach is rooted in both modern scientific methodology and time-honored Buddhist principles of respect for the human spirit. Why Smart Parents Do the Same Dumb Things will help you improve your strategies for coping with daily life and teach your children the same skills—leading to happier, more successful lives for everyone in the family.

Rosalie K. Tatsuguchi, PH.D.

Softcover, 169 pp. 

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