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Veiga Handmade - Cabana

Cabana is a blend of cocoa butter, tropical fruits, and coconut milk bringing you poolside vacation and sunshine at the beach vibes.

7 oz net wt, Burn time 40-45 hours

Proudly hand-poured in Hawaii

Always small batch, natural soy wax, free of toxins like paraffin, pthalates, and parabens- all ingredients are cleaning burning as well as prop 65 compliant, meaning no nasty ingredients that require the prop 65 warning are used in the making of our candles so you can feel good about burning VH candles in your home.

Trim wick to 1/4” before each burning. For the first burn, keep candle lit for 3-4 hours or until there is a full melt pool to the edge of the candle to prevent your candle from tunneling. Trim wick and let the candle burn to the edge of the container every burn to prevent tunneling. Let your candle cool before handling or moving it. Always keep your candle within sight, away from drafts, on an even and non-flammable surface out of reach of children and pets while burning.

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