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USS Arizona: Warship, Tomb, Monument

MacKinnon Simpson

Hardcover, 116 pp.

The story of the USS Arizona encompasses far more than the milli-second BOOM! that split her hull and snuffed out the lives of 1177 men aboard her. The huge battleship led a fascinating life before her demise, and - as a poignant symbol of the attack that thrust the United States into World War II - has impacted millions of lives since. She lays where she sank, in the silt of Pearl Harbor, spanned now by a graceful white memorial that pays tribute to her dead.

MacKinnon Simpson's newest book, USS Arizona: Warship, Tomb,  Monument, pays tribute to the ship, her crews, and her symbolism through the years. Packed with many rarely-before seen images, the book includes such unlikely characters as Elvis Presley, whose benefit concert helped trigger the fund-raising for the Memorial, and Henry Williams, a three-year-old boy who placed the first bolt in her keel in 1915 and read a newspaper by the light of her raging fires as a lieutenant at Pearl Harbor in 1941.

USS Arizona: Warship, Tomb, Monument tells a story that needed to be told, of why the Arizona is still so important to people from around the world who trek to visit her each year.

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