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Tide and Current: Fishponds of Hawaiʻi

Softcover, 240 pp. 
Tide and Current chronicles ten years in the life of author and artist Carol Araki Wyban, during which she lived with, learned about, and came to love the fishponds of Hawai‘i. In lyric prose and art, the book captures the essence of the timeless ecological truths she discovered.

The author relates her experiences from the viewpoint of an entrepreneur, but one with a deep commitment to the past and to the legacy given to us by ancient Hawaiians regarding the use of fishponds as food production systems. Unlike other native cultures that hunted and gathered over vast territories, Hawaiians developed renewable, sustainable, and comprehensive management of their natural resources in the islands’ limited space.

They were innovators who took a great step from catching fish to raising fish. Wyban presents not only the daily routine of life at a commercial fishpond, but also an in-depth look at how Hawaiians managed their resources, the technology they developed, and the myths, legends, and kapu associated with their fishponds.

Originally published in 1992, this paperback reprint includes a new introduction by the author that reflects on the ensuing changes and flourishing interest in restoring fishponds.

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