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The Three ʻIo Brothers and the Rising Tide

Written and illustrated by Keri Kodama


On a bright summer day on the Island of Hawai‘i, the three ‘Io brothers packed their bags and got ready to leave for a well-earned vacation. They were on their way to visit their old friend ‘Apapane who lived by the ocean in Kapoho, and they were all very excited for it had been many years since they could visit.

“I can’t wait to go swimming!” said the first ‘Io brother, the most playful of the three.

“I hope the waves are good,” said the second ‘Io brother, who was the coolest.

“I remember there were many interesting fish to see,” added the third ‘Io brother, who was the cleverest.

The entire way there, they eagerly chatted about what they planned to do. However, when they arrived, they did not see the beautiful yard that they remembered but a giant puddle of water. It looked as though the house were floating! ‘Apapane stood on the porch, shaking her head sadly.

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