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Peopling of Hawaiʻi Second Edition, The

Hawaii's growth and its outlook for the future are viewed in light of recent demographic data and current events and trends in the completely revised and updated edition of The Peopling of Hawaii.

With simplicity and candor, author Eleanor Nordyke describes how Hawaii was settled–first by Polynesians and later by successive waves of new arrivals from nations in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and the Pacific. Nordyke presents a concise analysis of current demographic data, accompanied by discussions of each major ethnic group.

Well illustrated with photos and graphics, along with a complete appendix of statistical tables, the second edition of The Peopling of Hawaii presents the fascinating history of an island state's population, and underlines Hawaii's greatest challenge–how to share the finite resources of a fragile island environment.

Foreword by Robert C. Schmitt

Softcover, 329 pp.

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