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The Oʻahu Exploits of Kamapuaʻa, The Hawaiian Pig-God

Collette Leimomi Akana

Hardcover, 168 pp.

Kamapuaʻa, the deified Robin Hood of Hawaiian legend, takes us on another thrilling adventure, this time across his homeland Oahu where he boldly defies all law and authority for the pursuit of justice and equality for his family. Challenging a supernatural dog for his grandfather and stealing the chief’s feather cape, fine mats, and tapas for his female elders, the shape-shifting trickster teaches us that one’s family obligation must always be at the heart of all deeds. This book is a portion of the longest recorded epic of the pig-god and as such, fulfills its obligation to the Hawaiian-language reader by supplying chants, proverbs, obscure place names, and other Hawaiian traditional and cultural knowledge.

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