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Hawaiian Christmas Mouse, The

Laura-May Azpiazu Taufaasau

Hardcover, 30 pp. 

This story is a new classic to be shared with the keiki (and the rest of the family) during the holidays, or as an ideal Christmas gift. The book is inspired by a catchy Christmas song written by songwriter Laura-May Azpiazu Taufaasau, which is included on a CD in the front of the book. The original artwork, created by popular local artist and owner of the famed jazz nightclub, Hank’s Place, Hank Taufaasu makes readers feel as though they are reading a story from their own Christmas past. The artwork is inspired by family traditions common around the islands during holiday time and is central to the rhyming story.

This book has an antiquated feel and nostalgia through its packaging that will surely make readers feel that they are holding onto a local holiday story that they always knew.

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