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Castle That Kai Built, The

Tammy Yee

Hardcover, 31 pp.

Kai the mermaid builds a lavish sandcastle under the sea. The castle seems to attract all kinds of sea life, from clams and jellyfish to fearsome sharks and playful dolphins. One-by-one, each visitor causes a troublemaking chain of events that leads to disaster for Kai! What will happen to Kai and the castle that Kai built? The Castle That Kai Built is a cumulative tale in which the story repeats and builds as more characters are introduced. Written and illustrated by the award winning Tammy Yee, children will delight in the colorful pictures and silly story that repeats and repeats and makes reading along fun! Join Kai at her castle for a delightful adventure featuring a chain of troublemaking sea creatures!

Tammy Yee grew up in Honolulu, Hawaii, where she explored tide pools, swam in streams and wrote and illustrated spooky stories her teachers politely read. After she graduated from college she worked as a nurse. Having children rekindled her love for picture books, so in 1994 she exchanged her stethoscope for a paintbrush and she's been illustrating ever since. Tammy lives in Windward Oahu with her family, three birds, two upside-down jellyfish and a guinea pig named Twinkie. This is Tammy’s seventh book with Island Heritage Publishing.

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