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Something Told Me: Against All Odds

Wai Kiki

Softcover, 185 pp.

You are not a policeman, fireman or lifeguard and a stranger is in trouble and about to drown in a stormy ocean. You are the only one who can save this persons life, but you could be put in danger and you might die trying to save this person. Would you risk your life to save this stranger? Something Told Me I could do it, and I did. A women is about to be murdered right in front of you. You have no time to call for help, you have no weapons and heavily armed hoodlums out number you. Would you risk your life to save this women from dying? Something Told Me I could do it and I did. In your life time, how often have you encountered a miracle in a precarious situation? Many people have close encounters of the Angelic kind, once in a while, but in the life time of this author, it happens over and over. The stories in this book cover riveting true-life experiences of this person where a Miracle at the right time saved a deadly situation from turning fatal for many others, including the author. Non Fiction... Something Told Me, are stories of real life and death incidents. The author, born with a special gift, keeps quiet about it for 40 years. He eventually gives in to too many request that he needs to come forward and write or speak about this gift, a special anointing from God, so others can see how God works miracles thru this one person. This book is not about religion, the author is no expert on the subject and did not grow up in a religious environment so you will not find anything religious in this book. Instead you might think these stories are out of a movie like the "Adventures of Indiana Jones," but the stories are real. It's action packed, exciting, riveting, educational and all true. Born and raised in Hawaii with this special gift, his first encounter was when he was four or five years old. It is written that a large shark had trapped this child for ten minutes and could not drag him out to the deep ocean because an invisible fence of Angels circled him for protection till help came. When he was eight years old he rescued another child from drowning. This child was missing and on the bottom of the ocean floor and no one knew it. Because of his gift, the author was directed to the spot where this nearly dead child was, and by a pure miracle, he found this drowning child after diving down into deeper water. This child's life was eventually saved after days in the hospital. Do you know of another eight year old kid who would do something like this? At that age you're still a baby. Then, he never told any one about this incident for over forty years until it was decided that he would write this book. He finally met the person he saved, now a grown man, 47 years later. The family of this man wrote a letter to verify this incident and it accompanies this story. Each story differs in location, situations and difficulties. This is volume one and it will keep you glued to the book, It's a page turner. Volume two is scheduled to be released by the spring of 2006. One story in that second volume will reveal the whole truth about what happened to legendary big wave rider, "Eddie Aikau," who was lost at sea during the ill-fated voyage of Hawaii's sailing canoe, the Hokule'a, that capsized in stormy seas back in 1978. The author was on that voyage and was Eddie's watch partner and close friend. "Something Told Me," after 13 years on the back burner, it's ready for the world to read.

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