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Slippers in Hawai‘i

Jamie Meckel Tabalson

Boardbook, 18 pp.

What’s a more iconic symbol of growing up in Hawai‘i than slippers? From the moment little ones learn how to walk, they pick out little slippers to wear. At preschools, you see slippers lined up against the wall outside the classroom. On playgrounds, you see stray slippers here and there, scattered about while kids climb barefoot.

This newest board book from BeachHouse, illustrated by Jamie Meckel Tablason (who illustrated Down at the Beach, 14Noodles for Baby, and 1-2-3 Saimin in Hawai‘i), celebrates this childhood necessity in all its glory—from slippers that squeak, mismatched slippers, slippers that glow, and slippers that make you run fast.

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