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"She's Welcome to Her Disease": Dementia Blog [Volume 2]

"SHE'S WELCOME TO HER DISEASE" [DEMENTIA BLOG, VOLUME TWO] is Susan M. Schultz's follow-up to the highly successful DEMENTIA BLOG (Singing Horse Press, 2008). Continuing the blog format of the first book, Schultz's new book tracks the final stages of her mother's battle with Alzheimer's disease.

"Schultz brings to her sad and difficult project an impressive range of writing abilities; she gestures through theatre, choreography, poetry, medical, critical, and philosophical exposition, and yet manages to shape this all into an accessible and engaging journal. It is a poignant treatise on dementia written with grace and compassion, as well as a story that honors death and dying with intelligence and art." —Fred Wah

Susan M Shultz

Softcover, 141 pp.

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