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Save Our Kakaʻako

On September 7, 2005, a state agency called the Hawaii Community Development Authority (HCDA) voted unanimously to allow residential development in Kakaako Makai, the last public oceanfront land in urban Honolulu. This book tells the story of how the Power of the People was able to mobilize in just nine months to stop the project by rallying the support of the legislators to enact a law prohibiting the sale of public land and prohibiting residential development in Kakaako Makai. Subsequently, after five years of hard work, a plan created by the PEOPLE called the Kakaako Makai Conceptual Master Plan was adopted by HCDA in 2011. This plan with its vision statement and 14 guiding principles must be considered for all future developments for this special land. This plan along with the law will protect Kakaako Makai from becoming another Waikiki and ensure that this last public oceanfront land in Honolulu will be preserved for the enjoyment of all the people of Hawaii.

Ron Iwami

Softcover, 152 pp.

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