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Richard Smart of Legendary Parker Ranch

Dr. Billy Bergin

Hardcover, 202 pp.

This story of Richard Kaleioku Smart, known for this philanthropy and Broadway performances, takes the reader beyond his public persona to a more intimate view of Smart as a father, astute businessman, and visionary rancher. It provides the full spectrum of his life and a true picture of who he was as a person seen through the eyes of his family, employees, and friends who know him best. Always the consummate gentleman, Richard Smart took great pride in his personal achievements and in his native Hawaiian heritage. Hist love for the land―aloha 'āina Paka―and for the employees who toiled there is a touching story of a benevolent patriarch who looks after his ranch family.

Born into wealth and a heritage that included Hawaiian royalty, Smart inherited a legacy of multiple generations of tragedy, heartache, and triumph. Orphaned at an early age after the untimely deaths of both his parents and infant sister, Smart is raised by his grandmother in the elite social circles of Honolulu and California before pursuing his passion for theater and acting in New York. Returning home in 1959 to take control of the family ranch, Smart distinguishes himself in the livestock business, making his mark in the cattle industry of Hawai'i.

Concerned about preserving his legacy for future generations, he unveils a land-use plan for his ranch holdings, the Parker Ranch 2020 Plan, which strategically dovetails with his plans to establish a charitable trust to support the health, education, and welfare of the people and community that he loves.

In this book, the authors pay homage to Richard Smart―cattle rancher and industry leader, wise visionary, Broadway star, humanitarian, and friend.

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