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RamiS 溯源: The 1st Taiwan International Austronesian Art Triennial

Hardcover, 280 pp.

Bilingual exhibition catalogue for the 1st Taiwan International Austronesian Art Triennial, held at the Taiwan Indigenous Culture Park in Pingtung, Taiwan from October 17, 2023 to February 10, 2024. Organized by Indigenous Peoples Cultural Development Center.

The Triennial’s theme, RamiS (“root” in Proto-Austronesian), was co-curated by Nakaw Putun and Etan Pavavalung. RamiS is an ancient root word, shared across Austronesian languages, and describes the trunk of a plant and its growth outwards. The Triennial seeks to trace the roots of the Austronesian languages, to explore the legends, origins, migration and expansion, and to find answers to the question of the symbiosis between human beings and the nature through art.

Participating Artists:
Chee Wai Loong (Malaysia), I Made Sukariawan (Indonesia), Lisa Reihana (Aotearoa, New Zealand), Aluaiy kaumakan, Ali Istanda, Anguc Makaunamun, Chen Shu-yen, Ciwas Tahos, Dondon Hounwn, Iyo kacaw, Idas losin, Kulele Ruladen, Ljailjai Tult, Labay Eyong, Lafin Sawmah, Ljaljeqelan Patadalj, Milay Mavaliw, Rawus Tjuljaviya, Reretan Pavavaljung, Sya man Misrako, Siyat Moses, Sutipau Tjaruzaljum, Tuwak Tuyaw, Tanivu tapari, and Yuma Taru.

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