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Public Access to the Roads and Trails of West Maui

As time passes, the knowledge and recollection of old roads and trails recedes from the memories of the living. This process of change, in part natural and in part the result of rapid development, has been augmented by a long-standing dispute between the State and Maui County over responsibility of old government roads after the State took the best highways out of the county road system and cut county funding for transportation. In spite of this dispute and because of the rapid development of this region, proper planning for medium- and long-term transportation needs must occur. The North Beach West Maui Benefit Fund believes that planning which supports comprehensive understandings of transportation must incorporate as much of the available historical infrastructure as possible.

This small volume hopes to be the first in a series of projects to help expand the base of knowledge and understanding of West Maui’s transportation history, and possibilities for the present and future.

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