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Pūʻolo Wahine: Nā Wahine Kapu

Do you have more than one mana wahine to thank this Makahiki season? Well, we have the perfect pūʻolo for you! 8 copies of Nā Wahine Kapu, each including oli mahalo and pule cards, for a special price of $80--for all those epic wahine in your life. 

"Nā Wahine Kapu explores how the female Akua, ancestors to modern Hawaiian women, have inspired Hawaiian women, including all of the Mōʻīwahine (female supreme rulers) of various islands, Aliʻiwahine (chiefesses) of Kamehamehaʻs kingdom, and strong female leaders of today."

Celebrate the wahine in your life by gifting them words that affirm the power of feminine energy and spark inspiration--making them feel loved, supported, and recognized. 

Each pūʻolo of 8 copies will be wrapped in a limited reprint of nūpepa Hawaii Holomua, Malaki 25, 1893.

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