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The Limu Eater - A Cookbook of Hawaiian Seaweed

This reprint of The Limu Eater is the product of a partnership between Kuaʻāina Ulu ʻAuamo (KUA) and the University of Hawaiʻi Sea Grant College Program (Hawai‘i Sea Grant), who worked collaboratively to support the conceptualization, design, and actualization of the reprint. Support for printing was provided by the Center for Oral History at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa, the Hawaiʻi Tourism Authority, and Hawai‘i Sea Grant.

As we look forward, we hope that this reprint of The Limu Eater can be part of the living, evolving, and growing practice of limu hana in Hawaiʻi. We encourage non-Hawaiian speakers to research and explore the Hawaiian words used in this reprint and better understand the multiple meanings and interpretations of the Hawaiian words to form a deeper understanding of their significance.

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