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Pearl Drops of Aloha: Oh Hawaiʻi My Hawaiʻi

Pearl Drops of Aloha is delightful, timeless book of imagery and poetry gracing the Spirit of Aloha. From the collection of James Coleman's tropic artistry and John-Robert 's poetic word play may find you captivated by a waterfall of the natural beauty and majestic power of the Hawaiian Isles. It's an outpouring of love for the land and its people. They share it by splashing you with some whimsical anecdotes, free verse, proverbs and haiku. May you also find a hidden treasure of an unsong song of aloha, ' Oh Hawai'i My Hawai'i.' Be you an Islander or International visitor this little book is rated leisure, entertaining and easy-to-read; makes for a great beach-side companion!

John-Robert Coleman

Softcover, 111 pp.

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