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Papa Says Shaka

One day, Oliana asks her papa about the shaka. What she gets is more than she bargains for! Papa is ready to share TEN kinds of shakas that he and Oliana can do together.

Written by local elementary school student, Zoe Leigh, Papa Says…Shaka! celebrates the creative, playful relationship between Oliana and her papa as they explore the Hawaiian Islands—fishing, swimming, going to the carnival, barbecuing, and more. Along the way Oliana’s papa shares fun and funny shakas that illustrate their special time together.

Kids will have fun learning these different shakas with their own ‘ohana —like the Lumberjack Shaka, the Fishing Shaka, and the Balloon Shaka—and readers will find that learning through play is the best way to learn, especially when shared with family.

Zoe Leigh

Hardcover, 24 pp.

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