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Okinawan Princess Da Legend of Hajichi Tattoos

Lee A. Tonouchi

Hardcover, 47 pp.

Okinawan Princess: Da Legend of Hajichi Tattoos is an illustrated, transpacific feminist fairy tale for all readers that illuminates an ancient tradition and pushes back against normative standards of beauty.

When Gramma notices how much her granddaughter wishes she could look like a supermodel, Gramma shares how her own mother was made fun of when she moved to Hawai‘i from Okinawa due to the bold blue hajichi tattoos on the back of her hands.

Gramma then reveals the legend behind those mysterious markings. When the Okinawan Princess is kidnapped by Japanese pirates, will she wait for someone to save her or will she be able to outwit her captors? This trilingual story is written in Hawai‘i Creole, then translated into Japanese and the endangered indigenous Okinawan language called Uchinaaguchi. “Okinawan Princess” is part of ongoing efforts to revitalize Okinawan language, history and culture worldwide.

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