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Muriel Miura’s Home Cooking Hawai‘i-Style: Island Comfort Food at Its Best

Muriel Miura

Hardcover, 228 pp.

Home Cooking Hawai‘i Style is a collection of “old-time favorite” recipes reflecting and celebrating Hawai‘i’s ethnic and cultural diversity. With recipes ranging from Gau Gee with Sweet and Sour Sauce to Adobo to Shrimp Tempura to Guava Chiffon Pie, there’s truly something to tickle every taste bud. Written and edited in part during the pandemic, this cookbook emphasizes economical food prep and encourages cooking from scratch at home for the comfort, distraction, and pleasure it can provide.

Author Muriel Miura offers helpful tips on “stretching food dollars” by doing simple things such as preparing less food, sticking to a list when grocery shopping, and shopping without a basket to eliminate the inclination to impulse buy.

Miura includes tips and tricks on things like what sorts of pūpū to serve at an event, a chart of. cooking times for a variety of vegetables, and a blurb detailing how to identify different cuts of meat.

Home Cooking Hawai‘i Style is a must for every cookbook shelf owing to its extensive variety of dishes and its detailed, carefully selected and honed recipes, some of which have been passed down for generations. There is much inspiration to be gleaned from this cookbook, so let’s get cooking!

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