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Murder at Volcano House

Chip Hughes

Softcover, 225 pp.

Kai Cooke comes to the Volcano House for his strangest case yet protecting the CEO of a geothermal venture from the wrath of Pele, legendary goddess of volcanoes.

Rex Ransom is here in Hawaiʻi Volcanoes National Park to attend the funeral for his second employee to die mysteriously in Pele's domain. His wife sees a pattern and fears that Rex, having offended Pele by drilling in her sacred rainforest, is next. Kai is not so sure.

But his faith in common sense receives a jolt when Ransom turns up in a steam vent, boiled alive. Kai investigates and finds others besides Pele who might want Ransom dead. An ex-wife, a former business partner, an anti-drilling activist, a loony woman who fancies herself Pele's sister, and more.

A quick-paced, vivid, island-hopping ride, Murder at Volcano House gives fans of the Surfing Detective reason to cheer, and fans of Hawaiʻi a welcome journey to these storied isles.

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