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More Kauaʻi Tales

Frederick B. Wichman

Softcover, 142 pp.

“I was delighted with Kauaʻi Tales in 1985 and then charmed by Polihale and Other Kauaʻi Legends in 1991. Now, with More Kauaʻi Tales, I am again entertained with more of Frederick Bruce Wichman’s enchanting retelling of tales of the island he knows so very well. Bruce’s familiarity with Hawaiian words beckons the reader into his place with great hospitality. He knows the meaning of aloha. He has collected old tales of Kauaʻi over the years and is now unselfish in sharing them. He invites us all to know Kauaʻi as Kauaʻi folks know their island of Manokalanipö.”

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