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Meditations of Hawai‘i Through Select Bible Verses from Ka Baibala Hemolele The Holy Bible

On the glorious splendor of Your majesty,
And on Your wonderful works, I will meditate. —Psalms 145:5

E hō‘ike aku nō wau i ka nani ‘ihi‘ihi o kou hanohano,
A me nā mea o kāu mau hana
—Haleū 145:5  

Hawai‘i is a unique place on earth with awe-inspiring natural beauty ranging from white sand beaches, to plunging waterfalls, to cloud-covered summits. It’s a place where the creation of land continues with fiery volcanic eruptions and streams of lava that cool, coil, and cement into hardened black rock out of which new life miraculously sprouts through cracks and crevices under the same sun that the demigod Māui slowed with his rope.

These natural wonders invite us to slow down, drink in, and ponder the beauty before us— from misty rainbows, to dazzling sunrises and sunsets, to massive crashing waves. Meditations of Hawai‘i invites you to meditate on God’s work as reflected in Hawai‘i’s picturesque landscapes. Each stunning photograph is paired with scripture in both English and Hawaiian from Ka Baibala Hemolele to provide reflection, celebration, and instruction.

Softcover, 160pp.

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