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Living Aloha Living Love: Origins of Hawaiian Spirituality

Elithe Manuhaʻaipo Kahn

Softcover, 112 pp.

To re-establish and raise native self-esteem by knowing their origins...To re-unite our nation via the eight rights and ideals...To revive the spiritual concept of "Four into Three, into Two, into One"...To globally re-establish the concept of the "Extended Family"('Ohana)...To encourage the practice of Aloha K'kou, A'ole Pilikia: Love to all, Trouble Not. A nation cannot stand without a spiritual system as its foundation. Kanaka Maoli have been struggling with and against themselves because of successful foreign occupation, and spiritual cultural intervention. Kanaka Maoli are struggling with their spiritual beliefs because of Tahitian (Na Ali'i) and Missionary intervention that have confused and divided the extended 'Ohana. Separatism, competitive, and materialistic ideals have kept the heart of Hawaii nei and its people captive long enough. We must return to our true self " 'O'u'i'o" personal truths. First, by freeing our spirit through "Living Aloha and Living Love," by reintroducing the eight rights and eight ideals that once was the backbone, the Kua iwi, of our nation. This spiritual revival of "Living Aloha and Living Love" will heal and hopefully unite and free our nation. This concept has the capacity to spiritually re-unite displaced natives living on foreign soil by keeping their sense of 'Ohana and the spirit of Aloha alive. It is paramount to the survival of our culture and nation to know whom we are and where we come from in order to know where we are going. This knowledge will help to rebuild the loss and low self-esteem currently plaguing our children and nation. "Living Aloha and Living Love" is the catalyst, the missing torch that can help to melt the mental chains that hold Kanaka Maoli captive in the throngs of separatism.

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