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Little Red Hen Hawaiian-Style, The

A local version of the classic fable about a little red hen with a happier ending.

The hen in this story decides to cook some ulu in an imu. As she sets about digging the hole, gathering lava rocks and banana leaves, she asks her friends the cat, dog, and pig to help. But at every step, they each say they are too busy to help.

When the ulu is cooked and the red hen uncovers the imu, letting out enticing aromas, cat, dog, and pig come sniffing over.
But the little red hen will not have any of it. She exclaims that they cannot have any of the delicious ulu because they didn’t help her dig the hole, collect the lava rocks, or cut the banana leaves.

After her outburst, the little red hen feels terrible. In Hawaii, she knows she must show aloha. So she shares the ulu and to her surprise, her friends also bring food to share. The reason they were unable to help the little red hen the day before was because they, too, were busy gathering food to make a big feast. Cat was out catching fish; dog was collecting mangoes, and pig was harvesting kalo to make poi.

After all their hard work, they sit together and enjoy their ono feast.

Jennifer Morgan

Hardcover, 40 pp.

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