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Kūʻē: Thirty Years of Land Struggle in Hawaiʻi

Ed Greevy & Haunani-Kay Trask

Hardcover, 128 pp.

Few people would associate the island paradise of Hawai‘i with protest, but there is a long island tradition of speaking out against civil and social injustices, political wrongs and environmental issues. In Kū'ē: Thirty Years of Land Struggle in Hawai‘i, photographer Ed Greevy has documented social and political events concerning eviction struggles and the development of the Hawaiian Sovereignty movement from 1971 to the present. Haunani-Kay Trask, an activist and sovereignty leader, provides the words to describe the events. Ku'e chronicles the unsung heroes who organized and participated in events such as Save Our Surf, Kalama Valley, Wai‘ahole and Waikane valleys, Niumalu and Nāwiliwili, Chinatown, He‘eia, Stop H-3 Freeway, Makua, Mokauea Island, Sand Island, Protect Kaho‘olawe ‘Ohana, Stop All Evictions, Anti-Apartheid, and Anti-war in Iraq.

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