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Kauaʻi: Ancient Place-Names and Their Stories

From the green and fertile lands of Kauai Kuapapa (ancient Kauai) came the most beautiful chiefesses, the bravest heroes, the strongest warriors, and the fiercest giants. It was a land of dauntless raiders who boldly sailed out to sea while others crept cautiously from island to island. Gods and demi-gods participated in the everyday life of the people, and the places where they lived, fought, and loved were remembered and celebrated. Gathered here for the first time are the delightful stories behind the place-names of ancient Kauai.

Over a period of almost two thousand years, each ridge, mountain, valley, and stream was named, as were unusual rocks, groves of trees – every corner of the island on which people lived and worked. The names tied people to the land and to places where mauli ola, the sacred essence of life, was to be found. Today these names serve as colorful windows on the past, telling of the rich and wondrous heritage of the people of Kauai Kuapapa.

Softcover, 202 pp.

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