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Ka Naʻi Aupuni Kamehameha & His Feathered Gods, Tahitian Colonies & Sorcery

Rev. Dr. Malcolm Nāea Chun

Softcover, 146 pp.

Ka Na'i Aupuni is the latest book by The Rev. Dr. Malcolm Nāea Chun following his book on countering sorcery, Kuni Ola. The subtitle: Kamehameha and his feathered gods, Tahitian colonies and sorcery covers the areas Nāea touches upon in this new publication. It also has a full colour insert of 36 pages that comprise of images of all the existing known akua hulu manu in public collections.

Written like a detective novel, Chun traces the origins from both Hawaiian language and haole (Euro-American) sources to tell an intriguing story of their influence on Kamehameha, their connection with ancient Tahiti and the Cook Islands and their function as war and sorcery gods. It brings to light certain cultural insights that have been missed by previous scholars, as such as ears and movable mouths; that some of the gods have and the traditional names of several of the gods than one universal one, and the amazing connections with the ancestral homeland. Ka Na'i Aupuni is limited to 1,000 copies.

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