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In The Studio: Conversations with Hawaiʻi Artists

Written by Chris Oliver. Photographs by Sachi Mura

Art book accompanying the "In the Studio" exhibition at Fishcakes Hawaiʻi from April 13 to July 6, 2023.

"In the Studio" celebrates the creativity and commitment of Hawaii's art community. The artists' diverse range of media, including sculpture, painting, ceramics, textiles, photography, multimedia, wood, and earth works, are featured in the book, which visits the artists’ studios. From small corners in snug apartments to spacious indoor/outdoor studios, each workspace is as unique as the artist who works within it.

Featuring 22 established artists who have been active in Hawaii for over 30 years: Amos Kotomori, Clayton Amemiya, Colleen Kimura, Deborah Nehmad, Esther Shimazu, Franco Salmoiraghi, George Woolard, Jinja Kim, Jodi Endicott, John Koga, Laura Smith, Leland Miyano, Lonny Tomono, Maile Yawata, Mark Chai, Mark Kadota, Mary Mitsuda, May Izumi, Shuzu Uemoto, Steven Rosenthal, Wendy Kim Messier, and Yvonne Cheng.

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