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Images of America: Kauai

Stormy Cozad

Softcover, 128 pp.

Part of a national series of local history books, this volume contains over 200 photographs, many of which were gleaned from the archives of the Kauaʻi Museum, Kauaʻi Historical Society and the Mission Houses Museum Library. In 1778, on the brink of Western contact, Kauaʻi was its own kingdom, and King Kaumualiʻi the king of Kauai who challenged Kamehameha and managed to keep Kauaʻi from being conquered by him would not be born for two more years.

The oldest and northernmost of the main Hawaiian Islands, Kauaʻi did not see missionary contact until 1820. From the moment that the Western World became aware of Kauaʻi, it has gathered admirers who came to experience its exquisite beauty and wonder. Many photographers have had their own love affairs with Kauaʻi, leaving a vast amount of documentation from the perspective of outside visitors. This book portrays beautiful Kauaʻi specifically through their eyes.

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