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‘Ike Pāpālua: Science Fiction & Fantasy Stores from the Hawaiian Islands

A collection of science fiction and fantasy short stories set in Hawai‘i by some of the islands’ foremost fiction writers.

Twenty-one tales of adventure, magic, beasts, gods, Menehune, advanced technology, apocalypse, ghosts, robots, and shapeshifters across the Hawaiian Islands. Featuring stories from A.A. Attanasio, Gregory Norman Bossert, Alan Brennert, A.M. Dellamonica, Tom Gammarino, Darien Gee, Alaya Dawn Johnson, Lehua Parker, Rhianno Rasmussen, and more.

A child is born as the kahuna prophesied, but to a misinterpreted prophesy. A Menehune duo plays pranks on tourists in Hāna. A Navy Diver attempts to salvage a wreck off Honolulu and finds something else lurking in the deep. After his grandfather passes, a young boy can still hear his call—but is it really him or a trickster spirit? Vampires have taken over Hawai‘i, harvesting the last remaining humans in concentration camps. An ensign of the Star Union high above the Islands must prove worthy of their rank—and lineage.

Edited by Sam Fletcher

Softcover, 336 pp.

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