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I Mambiha na Tiempo


“I Mambiha na Tiempo”was originally written by master CHamoru storyteller and Kåntan CHamorita singer Clotilde Castro Gould. CHamoru recording artist Johnny Sablan brought the song to life with new lyrics and arrangement and released it on his first album Dalai Nene in 1968.

Clotilde Castro Gould wrote “I Mambiha na Tiempo” to carry on the traditional CHamoru song form known as Kåntan CHamorita. Kåntan CHamorita is the CHamoru art of call-and-response poetry sung to carry out friendly debates between family clans by incorporating rhyme patterns and humor. It is also a device used in courtship and flirting that allows prospective lovers to exchange messages that carry deeper meaning than what appears to be on the surface.

The CHamoru lyrics presented in this book have been edited to align with Guåhan’s official orthography. The English translations provided are not direct translations. They have been revised to better reflect the spirit of the song.

The Kantan CHamoru Children’s Books Series was made possible through a grant from the Office of the Governor (grant #C210600600).

Coltilde Castro Gould and Johnny Sablan

Hardcover, 21 pp.

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