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How Six Little Ipu Got Their Names

Debi Brimmer, Julie Coleson

Hardcover, 30 pp.

This original tale of "hold hands and stick together" traces the footsteps of six young bottle gourds from the emerald green valley of their birth to the loving arms of their new vines.  It is an imaginative look into the life story of a hula implement.

Separated from their vines at a tender age, the little gourds are taken to the home of a local implement maker.  There they meet Uncle Ka Leo, a grand and grumpy ipu heke who gives them tantalizing glimpses of what they someday may become.  Even though the little gourds are frightened and insecure, sticking together gives them the courage that carries them safely through their many adventures.

This story reminds us that in spite of life's uncertainties and insecurities, happy endings are possible even in the most unexpected places.

Book comes with CD.

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