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Hermie Picks a Home

Vince Daubenspeck

Hardcover, 24 pp.

Hermie the Hermit Crab lives in a beautiful, colorful reef in the big blue sea. One day, he decides he's tired of his old, drab shell and sets off in search of one that's better than any other. On his quest, he encounters surprises, challenges and new friends. Join Hermie on his search as he discovers that bigger is not always better and we can live happily in the shell that fits us best. Hermie the Hermit Crab holds a valuable lesson for children - the understanding of accepting themselves as they are. They'll come to understand that it's not always about impressing others, but rather finding what makes them most happy and comfortable. With colorful illustration by Kristi Petosa-Sigel, Hermie Picks a Home is sure to capture the attention of any child. 

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