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Hawaiian Women's Fashions: Kapa, Cotton and Silk

Agnes Terao-Guiala

Softcover, 288 pp.

This is a beautifully-crafted and illustrated book on Hawaiian women's fashions. It chronicles the history of Hawai'i and fashions worn by the first Hawaiians to those worn by the Hawaiians and locals of the 21st century. Author Agnes Terao-Guiala, a retired English teacher who grew up on the island of Maui, spent 18 years researching and writing this fascinating account. The book includes black-and-white historical photos from the State Archives and the Bishop Museum as well as photos from the collection of the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts Hawai'i. You’ll also see vibrant images of Hawaiian women's garments, including the holokū and the mu'umu'u, from the author's personal collection. This book would make a special gift or keepsake for anyone interested in Hawaiian history and fashions.

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