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Hawaiian Reef Plants

The University of Hawai‘i Sea Grant College Program is pleased to present Hawaiian Reef Plants. The book is written by John M. Huisman, Isabella A. Abbott and Celia M. Smith, three of the world’s leading botanists, and is in full color. Its 264 pages are packed with stunning photographs of the Hawaiian marine flora, plus keys, descriptions, introductory chapters, sections on Hawaiian use of seaweeds and much more.

This volume concentrates on a significant part of Hawaiian marine life – marine plants, or seaweeds. Hawaiian culture was and is heavily dependent upon the sea, and reef algae or “limu” as it is known in Hawai‘i, as a prominent part of the culture.

Hawaiian Reef Plants is an easy-to-use yet comprehensive guide on nearly all species of marine plants present in Hawai‘i accompanied by stunning photographs and illustrations. The book is valuable to experts and novices alike, and is a must-read for everyone interested in marine plants and the complex ecosystems in which they live.

John H. Huisman, Isabella A. Abbott, Celia M. Smith

Softcover. 264 pp.

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