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Hawaiian Reef Animals Revised Edition

Edmund Hobson, E. H. Chave

Softcover, 137 pp.

There have been many additions to our knowledge of Hawaiian reef animals during the eighteen years since the first edition of this book was published. Many of the scientific names have changed as it was determined that species thought to occur only in Hawaii also live (with older names) elsewhere. This has been particularly true of the fishes, as shown especially by the energetic studies of John E. Randall of the Bernice P. Bishop Museum.

“With additional descriptions and more magnificent photographs, this new
edition is at once a masterful blend of natural history and Hawaiiana, a
narrative of exceptionally interesting tidbits of information and
precautionary hints to the novice snorkeler and scuba diver, and a
potpourri of gorgeous, close-up photographs of reef dwellers in their
natural settings.”

–Sea Grant Newsletter

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