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Kaiaola / Hawaiian Ecosystems Themed Set (PAL)

Thirsty? You and every other organism on this planet! We all need water to live. Follow the path of the life-giving water of Kāne through the water cycle and see how water—and the lack of it—affects Hawaiian ecosystems and their inhabitants.

The ecosystem-themed set of three leveled readers and a Big Ideas Science Book is the fourth in a series of Hawaiian culture-based science readers called Pāhana ‘Āina Lupalupa (PAL). PAL integrates Hawaiian language, culture, and place-based content with literacy and science concepts that meet national standards. Developed in ‘ōlelo Hawai‘i and translated into English, this exciting series was created through partnerships among a group of Hawai‘i educators, literacy specialists, and Hawaiian-language resource developers in consultation with scientists and cultural practitioners.

Target Grade Level: 3—but readers of all ages may learn something new!
Guided Reading Levels: N–P

(N) Returning the Wai to Nā Wai ‘Ehā
(O) Restoring the Dry Forest of Kaho‘olawe
(P) Regrowing the Cloud Forest of Maunakea
Thriving in the Wai of Kāne: Ecosystems of Hawai‘i

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