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Hawai‘i Washoku Plant-Based Japanese Cuisine

Hawai‘i Washoku unites one of the world’s great cuisines with the spirit of Aloha to create harmony and peace at your table. Through a superbly photographed collection of over 175 plant-based and gluten-free Japanese recipes, vegan chef Lillian Cumic’s third cookbook is the ultimate chaperone for reimagining Japanese recipes into deliciously “planted” successes. Lillian began her cooking career in Japan where she lived for thirty years and fell in love with the people, its culture, and the food, leading her to the way of washoku and a whole new outlook on the dining experience.

Hawai‘i Washoku teaches the basics of modern Japanese cooking from a plant-based perspective with stellar recipes including colorful tsukemono “pickled things,” pub-style izakaya sides and nibbles, traditional simmered dishes with ofukuro no aji “mother’s taste,” and jaw-dropping “planted sashimi” hard to believe isn’t from the briny deep, while fascinating wagashi sweets confirm Japan’s cuisine as a true art form.

Hawai‘i Washoku is a complete guide to help you master washoku with a plant-based twist. Lillian shares in-depth commentary on key ingredients and where to find them to stock your pantry.

Lilian Cumic

Hardcover, 288 pp.


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