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Growing Plants for Hawaiian Lei: 85 Plants for Gardens, Conservation, and Business

Everyone loves a lei—the making, giving, receiving, and wearing of the lei is a cherished Hawai‘i tradition recognized worldwide. With the renaissance in Hawaiian culture sweeping the Islands, growing plants that provide lei materials can be a source of pride and pleasure for the home gardener and an economic opportunity for green-thumb entrepreneurs, and it can reduce gathering pressure on the few precious remaining areas of native Hawaiian vegetation.

This book contains information on growing 85 plants that can provide flowers or foliage for lei. Some are traditionally used native species; others are relatively new introductions with a potential place in the lei industry.

In addition to 170 pages detailing the plants, sections of the book provide useful basic plant-production information and helpful tips for anyone wishing to get into the lei-material business in a small or large way. In a special section, two experts on Hawaiian tradition and native Hawaiian plants explain the spiritual and cultural significance of the lei and lei making in ancient Hawai‘i. These authors highlight the ancient Hawaiian conservation ethic and concept of sustainable agriculture, a revival of which could help preserve the Islands’ threatened native ecosystems.

This book is a must-have for anyone wanting to help preserve Hawai‘i’s botanical and cultural heritage!

Softcover, 263 pp.

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