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Fire & Fury: 35 Years of Eruptions at Kīlauea

Christine Wilson

Hardcover, pp. 

Since erupting on January 3, 1983, Kilauea Volcano on Hawaiʻi Island has been active, with brief pauses, for over 35 years. The end of the Puu Oo eruption, the longest in recorded history, came unexpectedly on April 30, 2018, followed three days later by a new eruption in the Leilani Estates subdivision in Lower Puna. By the time things settled down in early September 2018, lava had blanketed nearly 70 square miles, while destroying 1,000 structures and displacing hundreds of residents. In Fire & Fury: 35 Years of Eruptions at Kīlauea, the Honolulu Star-Advertiser chronicles that 35-year span with over 200 photos, many from Star-Advertiser photographers who covered the geological marvel over the decades. Special fold-out pages introduce six phases of the eruptive activity, with stories and maps to remind readers of the events and their impact on the surrounding communities. Itʻs important to note that Kilauea is still an active volcano that will erupt in the future, and as such associated hazards have not changed. In the meantime you can revisit the human drama, geological wonders, and fiery spectacle on every page of Fire & Fury.

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