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Feather Lei as an Art

Mary Louise Kaleonahenahe Kekuewa, Paulette Nohealani Kahalepuna

Softcover, 96 pp.

Mutual Publishing is releasing a revised edition of Feather Lei As An Art previously self-published by the authors. This new edition is meant to perpetuate the art of featherworking and bring it to a wider audience. It provides step-by-step instructions on how to make both traditional (round) and contemporary (flat) feather lei. New, vibrant, color photographs compliment instructions. Included is an overall look at the history of this ancient art; an explanation of the difference between traditional and contemporary lei, interpretations of traditional colors used and color combinations; a detailed supply list; how to identify, prepare and work with feathers; how to store feather lei; and examples of what types of featherwork is being explored today.

  • Traditional and Contemporary Feather Lei (Lei Hulu)
  • Collecting the Supplies
  • Knowing Your Feathers (Hulu Manu)
  • Preparing the Feathers (Rinsing and Washing)
  • Preparing the Feathers (Final Steps)
  • Making Traditional Lei (Wili)
  • Making Contemporary Lei (Humu Papa) with Any Type of Feather
  • Making Contemporary Lei (Humu Papa) with Natural Feathers
  • Storing and Cleaning Feather Lei
  • Exploring Other Featherwork

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