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Enchanting Creatures of Hawaiʻi Island: A Coloring Book

Enchanting Creatures of Hawai'i Island takes you and your family on a journey—through hand-drawn coloring pages, fun ecological facts, and whimsical rhymes—meeting native Hawaiian creatures and plants from the island’s volcanic slopes down to the sea. Hawai'i Island, aka “the Big Island,” is not only home to active volcanoes, but also to delightful forest bird species found nowhere else on earth — including the 'oma'o, 'akiapola'au, Hawai'i 'akepa, Hawai'i 'elepaio, and 'alawi.

Being the biggest and youngest (and still forming) island of the Hawaiian Island chain, Hawai'i Island still has substantial tracts of forest where threatened species once common on all the islands are managing to persist in large enough numbers to actually be seen — including the iconic 'i'iwi bird and, 'io, the Hawaiian hawk. Featured are these unique forest birds, as well as the beloved nene goose, giant Hawaiian dragonfly, Hawaiian bat, green sea turtle, dolphins, and many other creatures native to all the Hawaiian Islands.

This coloring book is a must-have for families and educational groups planning a visit to Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park interested in learning about some of the island’s unique native species. Remember your coloring pencils and crayons! May coloring these native Hawaiian forest and sea creatures and speaking their rhymes truly lead to recognizing and meeting more of them!

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